Iron Rich Food for Babies

The foods listed below are good sources of iron for meeting your baby's daily needs.

From birth through 12 months

  • Iron-fortified formula

  • Breast Milk

During the Fourth Month

  • Begin: Infant cereal (mixed with iron fortified formula or infant juice.

At Five to Six Months

Add plain strained vegetables and fruits such as:

  • Strained Peas

  • Strained Green Beans

  • Strained Prunes

During the Sixth Month

Add plain strained meats. Meats that have good sources of iron include:

  • Strained Liver

  • Strained Turkey

  • Strained Egg Yolk

Recommended for older babies only:

At Seven to Twelve Months

Gradually add these iron-rich foods:

  • Junior Meat - beef or lamb

  • Liver (ground)

  • Lean Hamburger (ground)

  • Cream of Wheat

  • Prune juice

  • Turkey (ground)

  • Dry beans (cooked)

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